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Repair Shop

*If repair is not picked up within a 48hour period a storage fee of $25 per day will be added to service*

*After 6 months month, bike will be disposed*

Base Tune 

Specialized 2.jpg
  • Wipe down frame

  • Adjust Headset, Brakes and Derailleurs

  • Adjust Hubs

  • True wheels and quickly clean, tighten, and inspect bottom bracket and cranks

  • Check Pedals

  • Inflate and inspect tires

  • Tighten and inspect all nuts and bolts

  • *(Tune price does not include parts and installation)


Comp Tune 

Brooklyn Franklin Single.png

Base Tune Plus:

  • We remove front and rear derailleurs, crankset, chain, and cassette then clean using a solvent tank to remove all old grease, dire and grime

  • Re-lube and re-install

  • Clean all other components, frame, fork, and wheels

  • *(Tune price does not include parts and installation)

Specialized $.jpg

PRo Tune 

Brooklyn Driggs 3.png

Pro Tune Plus:

  • Detailed cleaning of entire bike and polish frame and fork

  • Install new handle bar tape of your choice

Specialized 3.jpg

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